How to Get Free Traffic From YouTube

Businesses worldwide are quickly learning the value of using YouTube videos. Not only do videos entertain, but they also inform and put a company’s brand name out there for all to see.


Short videos are becoming more popular, but people still like to go to YouTube for all the site has to offer. Creating longer videos is one of the main reasons people use YouTube; getting prime exposure is another.


Businesses create videos in order to drive traffic to their website or blog. Promoting these videos is an essential part of the marketing strategy.


Videos should be entertaining and informative at the same time. Their purpose is to get people to a website and make a purchase. The goal of any business is to make a profit; videos help businesses reach this goal faster.


Before you can market your videos, you will need to create a YouTube Business account. The steps to create this account may look daunting, but they are easy if you follow a few steps first.


This first article in the series will guide you through the processes needed to get your YouTube business account up and running.


How To Create A YouTube Account


Creating a YouTube account is easy if you already have a Google+ page. If you don’t have a Google+ page, YouTube will create one for you. However, you must have a Google account in order to create any YouTube account. With that said, here are the two ways YouTube channels are created:


  1. Use Your Personal Google+ Page


* Log onto the Google+ page that you want to be associated with your YouTube account. From there, go to YouTube.


* In the top right corner on the YouTube page, click on the drop-down thumbnail.


* Next, click on the ‘OK’ button on this “Create a channel for… ” page.


* YouTube has its own tutorial that will help you get your channel all set up. Follow their simple steps to completion.


  1. Creating A YouTube Account Without Google+


It takes longer to create a YouTube account if you don’t have a Google+ page, but it is really no harder than with one. You simply create another YouTube account for your brand, and YouTube creates your Google+ page.


If you are on YouTube then it’s assumed you have a regular Google account. These steps will help you create your YouTube business channel:


* In the upper right corner of your Facebook page is around, blue icon. Click on it.


* Next to the “Creator Studio” button you will see a gear icon; click on this icon. This allows you to create a new channel, or see all your existing ones.


* Choose to ‘create a new channel’ and you will be asked to provide a bit more information.


* Give your company name and figure out which category you want to put it in.


* Note that there is a phrase on this page about your channel coming with a Google+ page.


* Click on ‘agree to page terms,’ then click done.


* That’s it! You’ve created a new channel, complete with a Google+ page. The YouTube tutorials will help you understand the way things work. To find all your channels, simply click on the round, blue image on the top right corner of your YouTube page.


Remember, YouTube is an awesome source of the traffic to your website. Get started making short, simple videos that you upload to YouTube. Promote the videos in social media, in your articles, in your blog, and in any other way you can think of. Don’t just produce one video, try for one video a week at first, and more as you gain experience.


Be on the lookout for the next article in this series about how to get free traffic from YouTube.


My name is Juan Rademacher, and I confess, I am obsessed with traffic. That’s because, after years of frustration trying to get traffic to my websites, I’ve discovered some easy, time-tested methods for FREE, and low-cost traffic generation.




How To Make Money On YouTube Videos


Many people want to understand the way to make money on YouTube videos. this is often not surprising because YouTube is understood and utilized in many households throughout the civilized world. it’s actually the third most used program within the world. Enough video is uploaded every three minutes to play non-stop for quite every week. then that video is watched in 39 countries in 54 languages. There are alternative ways to form money with YouTube videos. this text is about one among the simplest ways to get money with YouTube, which is by joining the YouTube Partners Program.


The YouTube Partner Program was created in 2007. Joining this program is super easy and once it’s found out it doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. actually many YouTube Partners are earning quite 6 figures in income annually. But albeit this amount of income is clearly attainable by some, most of the people are very happy to earn much but that. And why shouldn’t they? the cash is there for the making and it is often gained for little or no effort.


So what’s involved in making money this way?


Joining the YouTube Partner Program


This is an easy step by step procedure for starting on the YouTube income ladder:-


First Step


Open a YouTube Account.


If you are not sure the way to do this, just open up your internet browser and sort in or copy “how to open a YouTube account”


Click on one among the links that expose then follow the directions.


Once you’ve got completed your details and created a Gmail account (for receiving and sending emails) you’ll be directed to your own YouTube Channel.


Second Step


Upload a video to your new YouTube account.


The video doesn’t need to be of high technical quality.


Uploading a video that you simply have recorded on your phone, your camera, or maybe on your webcam is sort of ok.


The most important thing is that your video is interesting, amusing, or informative in order that people will want to observe it.


You also got to confirm you own all the required commercial rights to the visual and audio elements of the video.


The main problem occurs when someone includes a pop song in their video, as an example. which pop song is copyright. Or there might be a song playing on the radio or TV when a video is being recorded, as an example. Just confirm that you simply aren’t recording anything that’s copyright and you’ll be alright.


And, if you favor, YouTube features a wide collection of music that’s liberal to use and it’s an easy thing for you to vary the soundtrack on your video once it’s uploaded and before it’s published and made public.


Obviously, if your video includes someone talking you will not want to vary the soundtrack. But if a music background is a component of your recording, then you’ll easily use YouTube’s selection.


Third Step


Publish your video.


When you upload your video to YouTube the default setting is to form it “public”. this suggests that the overall public is going to be ready to watch it.


If you favor, you’ll change that public setting to non-public or Unlisted, but since you would like people to observe your video in order that they will click on your advert, you’ll like better to leave it at the default public setting.


And finally, you’ll take the:


Fourth Step


Join the YouTube Partner’s Program.


In order to hitch the program you would like to possess a minimum of one video approved for monetization, and so, providing your video was acceptable then everything should proceed easily.


Simply enter the Channel Settings on your YouTube Channel, open the Monetization section, and apply for the Partner’s Program.


Finally, to form sure that you simply are the one who receives the cash from the “clicks” on your video, you would like to open up your own Google AdSense Account.


To do this, simply paste or copy the subsequent into your browser “how to open a Google AdSense Account”, follow the links that come up, and obtain your own AdSense Account


After that, enjoy your video making and begin to record and upload your videos as often as you would like to.


Your videos are going to be there, on the web, for people to observe and click on on the adverts, and bit by bit, your income will start to create up.


And so if you’re still wondering the way to make money on YouTube videos, just follow the procedure listed above and begin to enjoy yourself while building an income.

As I’ve shared with you within the past, there are quite a few video-sharing platforms available to us lately. And yet, YouTube still remains the amount one site since it’s the most important community.


YouTube also has several free and straightforward to use tools which you’ll access right your YouTube channel. This makes it easy for you to market your business and increase your visibility online.


Here may be a quick overview of 5 tools which should play a key part in your YouTube marketing strategy:


#1: Video Analytics


YouTube allows you to seem at video analytics for your videos on their site and even to download more advanced reports which will be imported into Excel. you’ll view data surely date ranges, world views from YouTube Insight, world referrers, and video demographics. it is easy to work out your viewers’ ages, gender, location and to work out how popular each of your videos is with this information. And guess what? It’s free!


Simply click on the small graph button next to the number of video views on any of your YouTube videos.


#2: Tagging


Tags – i prefer to consider them as keywords – are an important part of optimizing your video for search engines. Pay close attention to the tags you employ for every video and confirm your tags are relevant to your content.


A great thanks to coming up with effective tags is to start out an inquiry within YouTube for your topic and see what terms crop up within the sink box. Those terms which are shooting up are ones that you simply know are already being searched within YouTube, in order that they are great to use as tags also .


Take it a step further and choose a couple of videos that are high within the rankings for the tags you would like to use and see what additional tags they’re using. If these keywords are appropriate for your topic also, use them!


Using keywords in your title is additionally vital for SEO purposes. Use those keywords in your title which you recognize your audience is trying to find.


#3: The Share Button


It may sound too simple, however, ALWAYS tell your viewers to click the share button and share your videos. YouTube allows viewers to share videos via embedding, tweeting, sharing on Facebook, or just e-mailing the video link. Gmail users can even play YouTube videos right inside their e-mail. The Google Plus link allows you to observe videos with friends by using the hangout feature also.


Even though of these features are right there next to your video, you continue to need to encourage viewers to try to to the sharing. they’re distracted and certainly won’t consider doing it themselves.


#4: Upload a Transcript of your Video to YouTube


This is where you’re getting to be so happy you wrote a script!


As you recognize, the audio portion of your video cannot currently be indexed by Google or YouTube for SEO purposes. The technology simply doesn’t exit immediately. I do however understand that that technology is being developed whilst we speak.


In the meantime, there may be a nifty trick you’ll use to extend your visibility.


You can upload a transcript alongside your YouTube video. Google and YouTube will index everything within your transcript so confirm it’s keyword rich.


#5: YouTube’s Promoted Videos


Google, one among the highest online advertising platforms, has integrated its marketing platform with YouTube also. Well, they own YouTube, so duh!


YouTube’s Promoted Videos feature helps you attract customers, viewers, and subscribers to your business, organization, or video channel by displaying your video ad against relevant search results and related video content on YouTube.


This is excellent thanks to catching the attention of potential customers who could be curious about your service or product. you will be best once you use attention-grabbing titles on your videos to draw in the interest of potential customers.


YouTube alone can greatly influence the success of your social media marketing campaign; however, it also works well with Facebook and Twitter. With the various great tools offered, if you are not using YouTube as a part of your marketing, you’re missing out on a fantastic thanks to attracting new customers.


Lynn Ruby helps entrepreneurs understand internet marketing using plain-old, ordinary everyday language and helps them DO internet marketing with integrity and effectiveness in order that they can say “Yes – my internet marketing makes me money and that I feel good about it!”






YouTube Marketing: Take It to the Next Level

No company can deny it. YouTube marketing has opened whole new doors in advertising opportunities. Online tools are the most important resources companies need to reach an enormous audience simultaneously, and therefore the bigger the audience is, the higher the tool. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have gained marketers’ recognition as advertising outlets, but YouTube is close behind in terms of visitation and allows businesses to plug their products through online video. As new add-ons are supplied by YouTube daily, the opportunities never cease!


Reasons for YouTube Marketing


You already know all the explanations to bring your marketing efforts to YouTube. you’ve got the power to plug on to your audience through video format while connecting with them through comments and channels. YouTube features a sort of sharing options like those you’d see on a blog or social network. YouTube users can share videos through Facebook, Twitter, email, and multiple other internet mediums. This function is ideal for loyal customers to share their success with a corporation with the press of the mouse pad. And your goal is to form sharing company success easy, right?


YouTube also now features a feature called “realtime updates.” With this feature, companies are seeing YouTube move toward a social network direction, making hopes bright for directly connecting through YouTube with customers. Another incredibly useful feature for marketers is YouTube’s Insight Statistics and Data on videos. this enables you to stay track of what percentage views your video receives the success rate of your video’s message through ratings, and basic viewer demographics. And guess what? It’s free.


Through YouTube, viewers even have the power to discuss videos. the whole point of selling is to interact with viewers in a way that brings products and other people together! Online, people haven’t any problem speaking their mind. When viewers discuss videos, marketers automatically get honest responses over the present videos and receive ideas for brand spanking new ones.


Four Ways to Stop Your YouTube Marketing Up a Notch


  1. Researching the Audience


This goes back to Marketing 101. Research is the core of your YouTube marketing strategy. Before ever turning on the video software, some serious research must be done to seek out exactly what keywords are getting to be necessary for your video to get views. Keyword search will tell you the demand for the merchandise or service, the YouTube competition you’ll be facing, and therefore the audience that’s trying to find you. Keyword searches should be finished on YouTube. don’t base a video off of Google keyword searches. Find a reportedly productive YouTube keyword search tool and depend upon it for your video’s keywords.


  1. Keeping It Short


Be wary of the length. Video ads should be short and to the purpose. they have to audience-specific and last within about 3 minutes. Three minutes is that the general deadline for an audience’s focus, and after this point period you’ll probably lose their attention. Dividing long videos into shorter ones are often how to hook the audience while explaining all that must be explained during a video series.


  1. Creativity


Utilize the keywords you found in your search in a creative way. People on YouTube expect entertainment, not an uneventful ad that plays before the video they really want to ascertain. Be creative together with your video! Only the videos that make people actually respond will ever show a productive influence as a marketing strategy. Captivate the audience while still providing an honest portrayal of the merchandise or service you provide. When the YouTube audience happens to seek out your keyword-optimized, entertaining video, you’ll go viral. Every company wants a positive video everywhere; it gives them good, free publicity!


  1. Incentives


People love free things. By providing how people to receive free samples of products or services, marketers can boost their popularity and make some serious mention of their company. are often “> this is often easy for content on the online with a free download; non-web-based products can be provided by mail. Once the audience loves what they experience, they’re bound to return on your YouTube channel and comment!


YouTube for Marketing


Marketing has changed over the years. it’s not always easy to market business, especially in times of uncertainty. it’s certainly worth watching YouTube for marketing and taking advantage of the potential traffic from the world’s premier video site.


Is using video content right for your business?


You may be hesitating and wondering if you ought to take the plunge and begin using video. i might advise to not wait for anymore. If you manage to make great videos you’ll find you begin to urge better traffic and more conversions.


YouTube offers you a huge audience for such a coffee cost. Years ago companies could only dream of this type of exposure and YouTube for marketing was unprecedented. Now with the facility of video marketing, you’ll make YouTube sales.


It is always nice to seek out you’ve got gained tons of viewers while you were sleeping. this is often the sweetness of YouTube because it is universally documented.


Keep in mind these strategies in your YouTube marketing:


Make use of the community


Millions of people worldwide use YouTube on a day to day and participate in the online community if offers. You too might be a neighborhood of the community.


As a part of your YouTube marketing strategy, it’s important to supply a content-rich video to your viewers. it’s to supply value and will keep their interest. The video should run around two minutes as people may get bored if it’s overlong. make sure that the image and sound quality are both first-class.


As your video becomes popular it’ll climb up the YouTube rankings and you’ll get even more viewers.


You are allowed to feature comments to other people’s videos and that they can do an equivalent to your own. you want to activate this feature though to let people comment.


Try to leave an honest comment instead of saying ‘nice video’. provides a comment useful because it will make others want to see out your videos. Show that you simply know something of the topic material.


You can also make friends with others on YouTube and that they can friend you successively. Once you are doing this you’ll find that you simply can watch each other’s videos. As a result of doing this, both of you’ll get traffic back to your websites.


Create a viral effect by sending your video to others to observe. If they love it they’ll pass it onto their friends. The more folks that see it the more traffic you’ll get coming to your website. this is often quite a powerful strategy to use when making use of YouTube for marketing




When your video is out there for others to observe you’ll find they subscribe to your YouTube channel. If your channel picks up viewers you’ll expect some nice traffic flowing back to your website. Try sending other YouTube community members a message asking them to require a glance at your channel.


Use personal email


Here’s another nice tip when using YouTube for marketing needs. I’m sure you’ve got an address book of your business contacts. Send them an email with a link to your video. Better still; embed the video into the e-mail itself. Tell your contacts to forward the message on if they liked it. Again this creates a fantastic viral effect for your video.


Use social media


The nice thing about sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they encourage the sharing of content. YouTube features a button that’s used for sharing video content on Facebook and Twitter.


Social media is extremely big now and something you ought to be using in your YouTube for the marketing plan. you’ll obtain some nice traffic using this strategy.


For even more exposure and to realize traction within the Google program, go and bookmark your videos on the varied bookmarking sites. For example:


  • Reddit


  • encounter


  • Delicious


  • Digg


Target your audience


If you would like greater exposure and sales then you would like to focus on your video content to specific audiences. If you’re not doing this then you’re creating a general video that can become lost within the many videos abreast of YouTube.


You will hit your sales faster if you target people that have an interest in what you’re offering. there’s no point targeting people that are never getting to buy from you.


Whenever i exploit YouTube for marketing I tend to focus on only specific groups of individuals I feel could also be curious about my service.


When you target your audience it becomes easier to market within the YouTube community. Also finding related blogs becomes tons easier.


There are numerous Facebook groups on offer that it’s hard to understand where to put your video. If your niche target, you’ll make the work such a lot easier.


Promote on relevant blogs


By getting your video mentioned on relevant blogs you’ll drive tons of traffic to your video. Here you’ll use YouTube for marketing a blog also as video content. It can take a while to spot the relevant blogs you would like, but there are ways to travel about it. Locating relevant blogs is a particularly useful strategy when using YouTube for business purposes.


Once you identify the blogs then all you would like to try to to is send a handout via email to the blog owner that says what the video is about. Include a link to the video also or maybe better, send the YouTube embed code in order that they will embed the video within the blog.


When the video is embedded within the blog you’ll get even more traffic and potential customers. Use this system and identify as many blogs as you’ll to send your video to.




Try to confirm you offer value and have interaction the viewer together with your video content. Use YouTube for marketing and traffic generation and you’ll find you’re taking your business to a different level.


The number one video site in the world is now YouTube. Globally it’s widely recognized and more and more content gets added thereto every day . due to this massive growth YouTube advertising is of great benefit to internet marketers.


More and more people attend watch video content a day on YouTube. you’re ready to watch concert and movie clips, amateur footage, the way to videos etc. the variability is gigantic and you’ll find something you wish there.


Here are some interesting statistics as of 2012:


Justin Bieber is the most-watched superstar with 2.2 billion video views

Rihanna is that the most-watched female singer and hit 2 billion views in early 2012

Each day 86,000 hours of video footage is loaded to the location

More than 4 billion videos get watched every day on the location

YouTube is now the world’s third-largest website after Google and Facebook

A decade load of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every day. In 2012 the corporate announced that one hour’s worth of footage is placed on the location every second. due to the large growth of the location since it had been launched in 2005, it’s now reached the stage where there are 4 billion videos views every day .


If your business isn’t doing YouTube advertising now then you’re leaving sales on the table. YouTube was bought by Google for 1 billion. This has great benefits for your business because you’ve got the simplest of both worlds here – the foremost popular video site within the world and therefore the hottest program also.


In 2012 YouTube went into its seventh year. What a wonderful success story this site has become and it just keeps on growing. it’s estimated that 60 hours of video is uploaded to the location every minute. a fantastic statistic I’m sure you’ll agree.


It had no idea of the impact it had been getting to make on the media when it began or the YouTube advertising revenue it had been getting to generate. Now it’s clear to ascertain that it’s the amount one site for video content.


On the weekend of 21st May 2011 YouTube hit a figure of over 3 billion video views per day. These were the very best recorded YouTube views ever and represented a 50% increase on the previous year.


If you’ve got a product or service to market YouTube is sort of outstanding traffic for you to tap into. It really is time for you to start out watching a YouTube advertising program for your business.


Recent events in countries like Libya and Syria have seen people want to broadcast this to others around the world who might not get an opportunity to understand what’s happening. because of smartphones, this is often now possible. you’ll upload a video directly onto YouTube from your smartphone from wherever you’ll be within the world.


You can watch whole movies and sometimes concerts on YouTube. This has helped to form the video site even bigger. Even live events are often streamed into homes because of a partnership with YouTube. the longer term looks good for the location.


The 2011 royal wedding was beamed around the world from London via YouTube. people that do not have a television receiver could suddenly watch it on their computer.


The quality is first-class also. Videos are often in standard or high definition and offer tremendous playback quality.


What can video do for your product or service?


Imagine what YouTube could do for your business. There are many YouTube advertising techniques for little business owners to think about.


If you’re finding it difficult to draw in new business or customers or are looking to expand your business then the video can really help your promotion.


You have an instantaneous audience waiting to be told about your products via a YouTube marketing strategy. If people like what they’re seeing then they’re going to head to your website to seek out out more about you.


Video articles


Are you writing articles to realize traffic? you’ll have submitted many articles to a number of the highest article sites. this is often a well-known tactic to an online marketer. However, once you start brooding about video and YouTube advertising, there’s something else article related that you simply can do.


Why not have those text articles converted into a video with sound. As people, we are visual and have grown up with television. instead of reading long articles, most of which we’ll skim through, we will listen and watch your article content. Upload it onto YouTube and you instantly have a load of potential clients who will start watching.


Sales pages


I’ve just mentioned video articles and within the same way there’s something you’ll do together with your text-based sales pages. you’ll have these also converted into video sales pages ready for YouTube advertising. I and tons of people tend to skim through a text-based sales page after I’ve read the introduction paragraph.


With a video, you’ve got an opportunity to interact more with the viewer. When the viewer hears a voice or maybe sees that person talking, they’re more likely to trust you. More trust equals more sales and you build your reputation within the process. How great does that sound?


To top it all, there are not any YouTube advertising costs to think about. To upload and host a video there’s completely free. this is often so important in these difficult economic times.


Think about how you’ll convert your articles and sales pages into dynamic video content able to be put onto YouTube. If you do not have the time then provide it to someone who can handle it for you.




Thanks to YouTube it’s really been possible to require a business to a different level. More business owners, large or small, are realizing just what YouTube advertising can do for his or her business.


It is time that your business checked out how it can enjoy using video content.

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