Online Associates Degrees and 2 Year Programs

Thinking about pursuing a web associate degree? Enrolling in a web 2-year program are often the fastest and most convenient thanks to further your education and meet career goals. Those enrolled in online associate and 2-year programs account for over half all online students. Whether you’re trying to find an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science, Associate in engineering , you’ll want to seem no farther than your monitor!

Why Online?

Online associates degrees and 2-year programs provide first and foremost, a top quality education, comparable or exceeding in rigorousness to traditional on-campus programs. there’s a mess of humanistic discipline , technical, and specialized courses available with an equivalent aid opportunities as on-campus programs. Additionally, online courses are accessible and convenient. It gives you the power to require advantage of courses or programs not offered in your area and you’ll study from the comfort of your home or laptop, when and where you would like . a web associates degree are often your vehicle forgetting where you would like to travel professionally by providing a route to certification or licensure in many areas.

The financial perks of completing a web associate’s or 2-year program are quite significant over time. Consider that associate holders make a mean of $8,000 more per annum than highschool graduates. The median income for an individual with a 2-year degree is $36,000 (Women $33,400 in 2004, Men 41,900 in 2004).To add thereto , expected lifetime earnings for an individual with an A.A., A.S. or A.A.S. degree are over $1,500,000. you’ll be 2 years or less from a replacement set of job opportunities and better pay during a field you would like .

2 Year Online Degree Programs

Because of the variability and usefulness of 2-year online programs, many are using them to advance their careers, develop specialized skills, or prepare themselves for transfer to a 4-year baccalaureate program. Two year colleges usually take 4 semesters of about 15 credit hours each (considered full time) and need completion of 60 credit hours (or the equivalent). Many programs are often accelerated in order that they take 18 months or less to end . If you’ve got acceptable transfer credits, which will shorten the duration of your program also.

Two year college programs generally have 3 components. First, there are general education/liberal arts and sciences courses. If you’re concentrating on a selected program you’ll have specialized courses in line with the main you plan to require . additionally , you’ve got a couple of elective classes, which you’ll prefer to compliment the remainder of your program or take courses in other subjects which will interest you.

If your plans include the likelihood of transferring to a 4-year college after completing your online associate’s degree, you’ll got to ask the 4-year colleges you’re interested to ascertain which courses are going to be accepted for transfer. Many 4-year colleges will only accept the overall education/liberal arts courses as equivalent; others are more liberal, especially with online business and humanistic discipline programs.

Associate degrees are usually given by technical, community or junior colleges. Some 2-year colleges are housed within a bigger college or university that gives more advanced degrees. you’ll carry a part-time load, if that suits your purposes and lifestyle, but usually aid is merely extended to full-time students.

On the opposite hand, if you would like to accelerate your studies and finish early, speak with an advisor at the varsity to form sure you’re following the specified sequence of courses.

Associate of Arts (A.A.): The Associate of Arts degree is granted for completion of (primarily) general education or humanistic discipline courses. this sort of online degree is beneficial for college kids who plan on transferring to a 4-year college after receiving their A.A. degree, or need a broad, non-specialized knowledge domain .

Associate of Science (A.S.): The Associate of Science degree also features a core of humanistic discipline and sciences courses that has got to be completed, but unlike the A.A. degree, also features a core of early division prerequisite courses in specialized fields like engineering, science, math, and agriculture, that need certain courses before continuing with the specified program at the 4-year baccalaureate level.

Associate in engineering (A.A.S.): The Associate in engineering degrees aren’t intended for transfer to 4-year colleges, but geared toward preparing the scholar for a selected occupation upon graduation. These programs offer a good sort of specialized programs that allow you to hitch the workforce within the field you’ve got chosen. If you later decide to attend a 4-year school, they likely will transfer only the liberal arts/general education credits earned.

The variety of specialised programs and career tracks available online is incredible. Whatever your field of interest there’s something for you.

What’s next?

If you’re serious about expanding your choices and making extra money , the quickest route is with an associate or 2-year degree. who is well settled during a career, but brooding about a change. Spend a while on internet . confirm the web degree programs you’re curious about are being offered by accredited online colleges or universities and truly offer what you would like . If you would like help, ask! Admissions offices can assist you know if their school may be a good selection for your particular goals. aid offices will fill you in on payment options. If you continue to need help, contact us.

Best of luck together with your search!

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