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Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of the Census reveal that an individual who holds a graduate or academic degree can expect to earn about $55,000 per annum . People holding a baccalaureate can expect to earn around $46,000 per annum . the typical benefit for holding a graduate degree can raise an individual’s income about $225,000 over a period of 25 years. This rate of return clearly shows that it’s a solid investment to pursue a online graduate degree. Online education graduate degrees enable busy adults to achieve a better education while still maintaining employment to earn a living.

Requirements to Pursue a web Education Graduate Degree – To earn a graduate degree online, students got to be well-organized self starters who can manage their time and review course material independently. Online students also need full access to a computer with a 56 kbps modem or better, with Internet service and virus protection. Students attending school online should be ready to use email and basic Internet functions to speak with professors and take online exams. Online education graduate degree programs are delivered during a web-based format that’s available 24 hours each day for the convenience of working students seeking success.

Validity of Online Education. within the 1994 study of R. Clark, and within the Pew Learning and Technology Study ‘Innovations in Online Learning’ by Carol Twigg in 2001, they concluded that if the web course was designed with an equivalent rigor together taught during a face-to-face environment, the result is probably going to be equivalent. Further, the standards for undergraduate education are defined by the Seven Principles developed by Chickering & Gamson (1991). These seven principles were updated to point out the way to implement these ideals in online education (Chickering & Ehrmann; Graham, et al. 2001). In 2002, the Ohio Learning Task Force issued a report that recommended principles derived from Chickering & Gamson were to be wont to design, approve, assess and review all courses, whether face to face , or online, or a mix of both. The Seven Principles a) encourage contact between students and faculty; b) encourage active learning; c) encourage cooperation between students; d) give feedback promptly; e) communicates high expectations; f) emphasizes time on task; and g) respects diverse ways of learning and skills . Therefore, online education graduate degrees follow an equivalent criteria as those earned at a physical college campus, in order that they are equally viable.

Cost of Online Education. Getting a web education graduate degree are often cheaper than attending a physical college campus because there are not any costs for transportation or housing. In 2004, a web resource site took a sample size of 120 online academic degree programs and located that the value for education could range from $2,760 to $110,000 for an accredited degree. However, graduate degree students can explore several options for tuition assistance, including:

Tuition Reimbursement. The National Center for Education Statistics found that nearly 20 percent of all graduate students receive aid from their employers. Potential online education graduate degree students should consult the human resources director of their company about tuition reimbursement programs and company scholarships they’ll qualify for.

Labor Unions. Over 60 labor unions, through 38,000 national chapters, offer $4 million dollars in educational aid . If a student belongs to a union, the online site at offers results in Union-Sponsored Scholarships and aid .

Financial Aid. there’s even state and government aid available surely distance learning programs. The free government aid directory at can help students locate resource centers in their state and offer information about financial assistance to buy college.

Loans. There are government-backed Stafford student loans that typically carry rock bottom rate of interest . for instance , the rate of interest for a Stafford education loan in 2003 was only 3.42 percent. Students seeking Stafford loans should consult the free annual publication, the scholar Guide to aid . Private student loans also are offered through finance companies like KeyBank or Citibank, but they typically charge higher interest rates and need students to pass a credit check.

Tax benefits. There also are significant tax benefits available to online education graduate course of study students. Interest on student loans could also be tax deductible during the primary 60 months of the amount to pay them back. Eligibility for this tax break are often determined by checking the IRS Publication 970: Tax Credits for education . Further, under the Lifetime Learning Credit, students could also be eligible to deduct up to twenty percent of the primary $10,000 of graduate tuition from federal taxes. Also, some or all tuition expenses could also be deducted if an employer requires additional education to take care of the student’s current professional status. Students can review IRS Publication 970 for guidelines, or consult an accountant to ascertain what portion of tuition for school are often deducted from their taxes.

When a possible student considers the convenience of earning a web education graduate degree, along side the improved financial status as a results of attaining this degree, it’s clearly a wise decision to pursue virtual learning.

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